Wednesday, January 2, 2008

About the Mother Marion Spindle...

A couple of people have written me asking about my Mother Marion kick spindle, where they can get one and how I like it, so I thought I'd write a quick blurb... I do first want to clarify that the videos you're seeing on my blog are NOT mine, but rather the seller of these spindles. I've simply referred them on my site so people can see what they look like and how to use them.

That said, I LOVE it. I have the Little Meggie model, which has the scalloped wheel. It has a nice balance and weight and spins very smooth and freely.

It's also just plain gorgeous. I don't recall what the wood is but I recently used some beeswax wood preserver to clean it up and the wood absolutely glowed. Being a family member of various men who did woodwork and took pride in it, I definitely appreciate the fine craftsmanship.

I am able to spin yarn with it a lot faster than a drop spindle, which I still use from time to time as it's easier to take with me when I travel. But the kick spindle takes precedence when I'm home... I suspect the only thing that will tear me away from using it is if/when I make or buy a spinning wheel and learn to use that.

Oh, another advantage to the kick spindle is that it's great if you live in a small home with little space like I do. My husband and I are constantly playing Tetris with our stuff to try and make more room, but with my little kick spindle I never have a problem finding a place to either sit and work with it or put it away when I'm done.

The seller also said that smaller kids love to sit on the floor and spin the whorl to "help" spin and she's right - my son will come over, say "Push?" and then start twirling it. He even knows after watching me what direction it should go so he won't end up unwinding my work :-)

Now, where to get one... the person who sells these normally does so on eBay, but if you contact her and ask real nice she would probably be more than happy to sell you one direct. If she contacts me and gives me permission I'll post information on how to get a hold of her directly, but for now I'm going to respect her privacy and just direct anyone who asks to eBay.


Lori said...

I've been wondering about these kick spindles. A friend told me about it once and I'm glad you wrote about your experience with yours.

Julie said...

Do you still use this now that you have your wheel? I have a wheel (an Ashford traditional) but it's always fun to have a new toy, plus this is portable. I haven't really enjoyed my drop spindle, I much prefer my wheel, but this seems like it would be a compromise between a wheel and a drop. Want to guess if I'd use it? :-)

Julie said...

Do you still use this now that you have your wheel? I'm considering getting one, since they are more portable than a wheel and a new toy is always fun. I find drop spindles kind of frustrating, much preferring to spin on my wheel, but this seems sort of like a hybrid between a drop spindle and a wheel. What do you think?

Kneedle Junkie said...

Hi Julie,

I haven't *yet* gone back to using Little Meggie since I got Gratia. But it doesn't mean I won't :-) As it is right now I'm working on knitting projects and taking a spinning break - I like to go back and forth.

At the very least the wheel is helping me learn to draft fibers better than before as I found out when I spun some wool with my drop spindle while visiting my daughter. It'll be interesting to see how that goes with the kick spindle when I try it again.

Elaine said...

I think it's just wonderful. I also own the Gratia spinning wheel and an old antique one, plus a few (fifty or so-VBG) spindles; but, I love the spin on the "Meggie". It is small enough to keep in my bedroom. I love my spindles and I really like my spinning wheels, but they are kept out in my weaving shed. Meggie is for my bedroom and possibly for travel.