Monday, February 19, 2007

Rosary Pouches

A couple of rosary pouches I crocheted as a free gift with rosaries I created and sold on eBay a few years ago. Yep, Kneedle Junkie does more than knit and crochet - I've dabbled in jewelry making and rosaries.

I'll post a couple pictures of rosaries and necklaces I've done another time. I have a little one requiring my attention at the moment so this is all I'll put up here for now.


Patricia DeLaCastro said...

may I buy the pattern for the rosary pouches?

Kneedle Junkie said...

Hi Patricia,

I didn't follow or write down a pattern for these. I just improvised... and I did these years ago so I can't remember exactly how I made them. I believe I just used single crochet stitches to make a rectangle, then decreased stitches on each side to make a flap and skipped a stitch toward the end to make a button hole.

After that, I folded over the rectangle up to the row where I started to decrease, sewed the sides shut to make a pouch. Then I turned the pouch right side out and sewed a button on the pouch in a spot that lined up with the buttonhole I made in the flap.