Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ta Daaa!

I finished the shawl I started last weekend on my new Bond USM, thanks to hubby letting me be a knitting fiend on Mother's Day:

Even if I hadn't had that much time on that day to work with this project I still get the feeling I would have had it done in less than a week. I just love how fast the machine works. Again I am not completely done with knitting by needle, far from it, but knowing I can do something this nice on the machine and quickly really tickles me pink.

I've packed up the shawl along with a few other things to send to my daughter as a late Easter/care package. I hope she really likes it!

In the meantime this got me thinking a little outside the box with my black shawl I'd been working on to bring with me to my daughter's graduation. I've started to realize I may not have time to finish it before I fly out next month, so I bit the bullet, unraveled the work, and restarted it on the USM. No pictures yet but will have that soon.

It's definitely going nice and fast for sure, but not without its challenges. Because I'm working with a single strand of Lacette, a fine weight yarn, and I'm using a larger gauge plate (4) to get roughly the same effect I had with the size 11 needles, the USM seems to try and drop stitches a lot more easily. But as long as I take it nice and slow it seems to be doing okay.

I'll try and update this post with pictures later on showing my work in progress. If not then I will definitely show the finished product, and again I will share the pattern... this time I'll be able to provide instructions for both by hand and by USM.

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