Monday, March 10, 2008

Corset Top is Fini!

I was able to finish my corset top (pattern courtesy of Annie Modesitt) on Saturday night after all:

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. After I put on the buttons it turns out it's not too tight, it's actually a perfect fit with just a little room to spare, which is how I like it. Hubby says he thinks it looks great :-)

I haven't quite jumped back on with my Giselle project yet. I wanted to find a quick and easy tank top to put together and after poking around some online, I settled upon Celia, a free crochet pattern from Berroco - I'm just doing the top as I don't have a need for the shawl.

I am using the Aunt Lydia's "Denim" quick crochet thread in Linen that I have left over from my corset project, and also in Chambray, which is a really nice medium-dark blue. I was thinking about adding a third color because I was worried I'd run out of the Linen color but in digging through my yarn bins I found another ball of it, so I'm good to go!

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