Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I've put Giselle on hold while I'm working on a corset top pattern from Annie Modesitt. I wanted to have something nice to wear for Easter and this is proving to work up faster - it's also so very pretty and I think it'll be perfect for spring:

The pattern calls for silk yarn but I've opted for a more budget-friendly Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn in Summer Twists for the main color, and then Aunt Lydia's cotton and acrylic yarn in Linen for the secondary color.

It's further along now than when I took this picture. I've added the second color at the bottom with just a few rows left before I do the finishing and the sleeves. I'm also thinking about adding some beadwork to accent parts of the garment and I found some buttons made from shell at Wal-Mart that I think will look very nice. I'll update with more pictures when the project is done.

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