Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

Peep! :-)

I made a whole bunch of these adorable chicks for my family Easter Sunday using Berroco's free pattern. Instead of using their Plush yarn I used Yarn Bee's Luscious, and I used a J hook instead of the K hook they call for in the pattern, mostly because I don't have a K hook in my collection yet. I also turned the chicks inside out after sewing them almost all the way and put just a bit of poly stuffing inside them to make them more puffy before closing them up and making the beak.

They were a hit - my nephews fought over theirs to where Dad hid them all in his jacket, LOL. Even my father in law loved his.

I sent my daughter an Easter care package that included a hairpin lace loom so she'll be ready for her lessons when I see her next week. I also gave her a sweatshirt on which I painted some butterflies:

Finally, I ordered the Little Joe drop spindle from Heavenly Handspinning.

I couldn't resist - I love the spoke wheel design, and besides... if my nephew's fascination over seeing Gratia means anything I may have another young'un to teach how to spin, meaning I may be giving him my octagonal drop spindle.

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